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Welcome to North Texas' premier Wellness Center and Spa.  We believe that True Wellness comes from Within.  Let us help to Reveal Your "Intrinsic Wellness!"  We offer a wide variety of therapies to relax, reset, and recharge your Body /Mind/ Spirit. 

Our Service Selection includes these Wellspa* specialties:
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Our Detoxificationprograms often include herbal and nutritional protocols and we are proud to offer Colon Hydro-Therapy with open devices.
For the body and mind, we offer Personal Fitness Training and Tai Chi. For peace of mind and family safety, we offer CPR / First Aid / AED training and certification.
The Wellspa*  Weight Loss program is the most effective and long lasting program available for safe, non-surgical weight loss.  Our doctor, therapists, and weight loss counselors will customize a unique program that fits your body's needs.
All therapists, technicians, trainers, and doctors at The Intrinsic Wellness Center are licensed, certified, and insured in their respective wellness modality.   The entire staff completes ongoing continuing education courses to make sure that we meet your needs.  We are passionate about helping you reach your health and wellness goals!
It will truly be our pleasure to assist you in your journey to optimum health and wellness.  Call us for your COMPLETE WELLNESS CONSULTATION at 817-488-9355.
Intrinsic Wellness Center is the best for colon care in Grapevine and Southlake, Texas.  We are the best for bodywraps, colonics, massage, nutrition, weight loss, detoxification and natural health.  We are the leaders in Natural Healing in North Texas.  You wouldn't go to a roofer to fix your car would you? Don't go to a Chiropractor for digestion, go to the experts Well Spa Associates at The Intrinsic Wellness Center.   
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